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[Pomoc prawna dla osób indywidualnych]  WELCOME TO OUR FIRM! Barrister’s Office. Barrister’s Office Our Lawyer provides physical persons with legal assistance starting from simple legal advice to representation before courts, often in very complex lawsuits.

[Pomoc prawna dla firm]  Barrister’s Office Our Lawyer renders services to firms and various institutions adapted to the needs and the changing market of services following the principle of cost management at the same time.

WELCOME TO OUR FIRM! Barrister’s Office OUR LAWYER was founded in order to provide both individual clients and economic subjects with professional legal counselling. We are a dynamically developing firm, which works according to European standards. We advise our clients with the application of all the available methods of communication including electronic mail.

The Nasz Prawnik law office was created in 2004 to provide professional legal assistance. Nasz Prawnik is a team of collaborating lawyers, whose experience and professional approach allow to meet the requirements of the modern legal services market, ranging from legal advice to court representation. Our modern approach to legal services makes our portal’s services very popular. Ranging from legal advice through the Internet, to legal protection agreements, to comprehensive assistance and court representation. We provide 24 hour contact through the Internet. We particularly specialise in the following cases: alimony, divorce and separation, division of joint property in marriage, cases concerning real estate, housing communities, lease, eviction, transmission easement, inheritance, usucaption, compensation. We provide legal representation for housing communities, we represent our clients in criminal cases, criminal punishment cases, administrative cases, offence cases, labour cases. We provide services for companies, housing communities and various institutions adapting to the needs of the changing services market and our priority is minimisation of costs. We verify or create safe terms of service for portals and websites. Most of our cases are in the northern part of Poland. We collaborate with specialists from various fields. Therefore, we are able to find a quick and appropriate solution for a lot of your problems.

Willkommen in unserer Rechtsanwaltskanzlei! Kanzlei Nasz Prawnik (Unser Jurist) ist 2004 gegründet worden. Unser Ziel ist Privatpersonen und Unternehmen Beratung. Wir sehen uns als junge dynamische Kanzlei die europäische Arbeitsstandard hält. In der Kommunikation mit unserer Kunde wir benutzen alle mögliche Mittel, auch das Internet.

Struggle brings damage. In order to avoid it, peole left the state of nature. To gain calm, they started to live as if they had been bound by a contract; everyone yielded part of their claims to the community to receive protection in return. That is how the state came into being, not out of nature or instinct, but out of fear and reason. Together with the state, law and obligations developed, and the objective measure of good and evil developed with the law. [Thomas Hobbes] | Copyright © 2004-2019 Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone